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Game (and scientific assessment protocol) permitting to test the understanding of a brief narration independently of all language.

As its name already indicates, Puzzle presents all elements, scattered at random, of a coherent story to rebuild. There are several stories, from short and simple to long and complex. For each of them, sentences that constitute them are mingled at random. It is necessary, as in all puzzles to put the pieces back in the right order.

The absolute originality of Puzzle is that these " sentences " are not only presented in French and in other big languages of Europe, but also in sign language for the deaf and in pictograms.

The stories are therefore completely independent of any language. It is something that psychologists have been looking for during a long time: the pure " intelligence ", non filtered, limited—camouflaged either—by an insufficient linguistic expertise—or on the contrary (too much) brilliance of understanding the story.

Evaluators, amongst whom examiners of deaf students or of foreign language students, can arrange a test with Puzzle. This test allows them to measure capacities of analysis and of synthesis, of their students or their patients, independently of their knowledge of French, or another languages of Europe, or even of their knowledge of the sign language (for the deaf).

Puzzle presents itself like a game. All pictures and procedures are attractive: a professional designer drew tablets and screens of it. At the top of this page an example of a story (already in the right order) is given. The outcome of the program is logged in a file which can be used for research or a report.

Every phase of Puzzle is extendedly tested. Drawings, order, translation etc. The outcome must be efficient and clear for the user as well as for the researcher.



Institut National de Jeunes Sourds de Bordeaux - Gradignan - Fr.

2. Céplus

Centre d’étude pluridisciplinaires en langues des signes - Liège - Belgique

3. STE

Service de Technologie de l’Education - Université de Liège - Belgique

4. INT

Institut National de des Télécoms - Évry - France


Établissement public d’enseignement spécilisée - Liège - Belgique

6. A6.Mediaguide

Societé Anonyme. spécialiste ES-Media - Évry - Fr.


Fuente Lugarejos s/n - Burgos - España


Catania - Italia

9. Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Dolj

Str Brestei No 97, COD 1100 - Craiova - Romania

10. RNR

K. Lucasstraat 17 - 1112 LH Diemen - Nederland